The 8/9s Update – September 23rd, 2016


Hi Families,
We had another busy week this week! We also had some special guests!
In geography this week Isaac came, he is Sami’s husband. He talked with us about lots of different things we’re interested in in geography like time zones, tectonic plates, volcanos, landforms, longitude and latitude, and lots of other stuff. We came up with questions about geography topics and we are going to do individual research projects starting next week! We’re also doing a huge puzzle of the world. It is hard but we got the edges and and the circle shape already, it is AMAZING! We made these bingo boards that have countries, continents, and oceans in the spaces. Then we played latitude and longitude bingo. Sami calls out a set of coordinates with degrees and we find it on a map. If you have that country you get to mark it off on your board! 5 in a row wins.


Jae’s mom came on on Tuesday she brought a game for us to play called Wildcraft. There was a game board and if you land on an x you would get hurt and then you have to find a plant that would make you feel better. There was also a rainbow card that you could get if you spin the spinner and land on a one or if you land on a rainbow spot if you get a rainbow card you could also help your friends feel better with plants that you have. You could get a bee sting, or a sunburn, or a wasp sing, or pricked by a pricker or scratches all over or poison ivy or lots of other things. Nobody could win unless everyone wins so we had to work together. We had a lot of fun playing it. Thanks Kristin for coming to play with us!


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We hosted town meeting again this week. We got to teach the whole school “Doggie Doggie Where’s Your Bone?” they loved it! We also did Down By the Bay Again and we made up new rhymes like Jae’s was “Did you ever see a pig that did a jig?” and it was funny! We interviewed the 5/6s we came up with questions for them. We asked 4 questions: 1. Do you like hugs? 2. What’s your favorite animal? 3. What’s your favorite dance move? and 4. What’s your favorite color? Then we shared their answers with the school. It was a good town meeting.
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In work time this week we played with the marble run. Chloe, Kelley, Eden, and Will were working together. They made a huge marble run. Kelley was trying to do trick shots like trying to make the marble bounce off the ground and land in a circle. Games were open and some people played applegrams, and bingo, and mancala. Paper crafts were open, we made masks and an old lady mask for Sami. Jae made a beard and a hat and it was funny!
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In reading this week we had reading buddies with the 5/6s. We all had reading buddies with a 5/6s we read to them and talked about the book that we read to them. We are going to do it every week. In reading we also did a reading response after independent reading it was a 3, 2, 1 response. On Friday we started learning about making predictions when we read. Sami read us an Arthur book and we stopped in the middle of the book and we wrote a prediction down. It was a little bit hard but all of our predictions were right! That was fun!
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We did an activity in Connected and Respected called the Opinion Continuum and it was about how even if we like different things, we’re still a class. So there were these cards and each one says “Strongly Agree” or “Strongly Disagree” and they are both on a wall. You can go anywhere on the wall to show if you strongly agree, disagree, or don’t really care about that thing. First Sami said “Vanilla is the best ice cream flavor in the world” and then there was one that was “Kids should be allowed to choose their own bed time” and “If someone punches you, it’s okay to punch them back” there was also “Popsicles are the best dessert in the world” So some were silly and some were serious. After we showed our opinions we talked about why people moved where they were and sometimes people changed their minds when someone shared their ideas. We realized that we all have different opinions but we are also a class and we’re friends. It was fun.
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On Thursday we got our recorders in music. Everyone is SO excited to bring them home but Sami won’t let us bring them home today. We also got our music books. We learned B and A. Chloe got the perfect note on B, everyone did! Willem got the perfect A, but everyone did that too. Jared taught us that in our music books there are all different kinds of songs and on the bottom of the recorder there’s a thumb hole and not many people knew about that. Having recorders is really cool! None of us have really ever learned how to really do an instrument before!
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In math this week week we used 100s charts to skip count by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. We colored in every multiple of the numbers and then we noticed patterns every time we did it. We also had to skip count by that number on the bottom of the page again. That showed all of the multiples. We liked doing it, it was fun!


Talk to you next week!
The 7/8/9s
Chloe, Cian, Jae, Kelley, Matthew, Willem and now Eden too!


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