4/5s News~Week of 2/27

This was a first week back after break like no other!  Between germs, sickness, and huge changes in weather temperatures and conditions, we were all over the place.  Despite the challenges, we had a good week nonetheless.

About a month ago, two love rocks (love-rocks.org)–or heart rocks as we call them–appeared in our classroom.  We wondered about where they came from, cherished them, and wanted to take them home.  The children have been begging me to make more heart rocks and we finally did it this week.

Something so simple and beautiful is actually quite the fine motor challenge for 4 and 5 year olds.  First they traced a heart onto fabric, cut it out,

and then glued it to a rock.

We have some to bring home and a collection to spread around town.

On Wednesday we took advantage of the warm temperatures and bright sunshine and spent the majority of our day outside.  We went to our playground which we haven’t done for quite some time.  Here are some photos:

We also spent the week working on our foil paintings to display at the Southern Vermont Arts Centers’ exhibit “Art From the Schools.”  To work on the foil paintings, we added a few drops of dish detergent to help the tempera paint adhere to the foil.  The children each picked a background color, and once that dried, added some details in a second color.  Look at the variety in their work:

Other paint explorations involving layering two colors and shades of one color are also displayed:

If this isn’t enough encouragement to get to over to SVAC (the exhibit runs all month), here is work from the other students at The Downtown School.

Weavings by the 5/6s

Snow paintings by the 5/6s

Equinox paintings by the 6/7/8s

Cave paintings by the 8/9s

Picasso Self-Portraints by the 8/9s

At some point during the month of March, the 4/5s will be taking a trip to the museum to see their own work as well as the work of other students from around the area.  An exhibit not to be missed!


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