4/5s News~Week of 3/6

I am often surprised when I look back at the week’s photos and discover that there is some sort of theme to the week.  For this week, the theme was “making, building, and design.”

Knowing that we would be having a Maker Town Meeting to create marble runs, I set out a variety of recycled materials and tape to get them thinking about inventions, making, and connecting with tape.  Here are some of their creations:

At Town Meeting, the children were split up into groups that included 4/5s, 5/6s, 6/7/8s, and 8/9s.  Every group had some tubes, tape, cardboard boxes, and a few foam blocks.  Look at how they used these materials in addition to what they saw around them to create such a variety of marble runs!

The interest in marble runs continued into the classroom the next day with a wooden marble run set I brought in from home.  When the children saw me sit down, start building, and test out the track, they came over to join in.

I witnessed some terrific problem solving.  One boy added a block on top and dropped a marble in the hole, only to see if fall right out the side.  He quickly figured out that he needed to turn the block so that the exit hole led to the rest of the track.

Another child wanted to change where the marble landed so she added a block to the end.  On her first test run, she discovered that the marble still landed in the hole of the original ending piece.  With a little experimenting she figured out that she needed to switch out one piece and raise them up.  After doing that, the marble landed at the end of the longer track.

Here are some other photos of “making, building, and design” that happened in the classroom:

A boy at the controls of his excavator:

After the arm of the excavator fell down several times, the boy created base supports for the block holding up the excavator arm:

New puzzles:

“Resting” at Rest Time by creating a sequin design:

Making Mat Man during Library Work Time:

And yet more building outside with the big blocks:

I wonder what the theme for next week will be…


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