The 8/9s Update – March 17, 2017

Hi everyone!

Our first week with Mario was so much fun! We also had a special guest come to Town Meeting to speak about Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. And then, Sami came to visit! We are all so excited to meet her new baby.

Here are a few other highlights from the week…

Town Meeting with Maxine

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day. So, in the morning we decorated lucky shamrocks and wrote the words “adh mor” which means good luck in Irish. Then we hung all of the shamrocks on streamers in the doorway. This week during Town Meeting, we also had a special guest named Maxine come and tell us all about Ireland.

Mario’s First Week

Mind and Body

This week we started a new subject called Mind and Body. We practiced new breathing techniques and learned about different parts of our brain. For instance, the Lymbic System is made up of the prefrontal cortex, the amygdaloid, and the hippocampus. In the future, we are going to do karate, martial arts and make healthy food.

Snow Days 

We have a hill beside our school house made of snow. We love to climb, sled, and slide down it. On Wednesday we played things like King of the Hill, Tornado and Yeti Monster. Some people went snowshoeing with Alley, but I decided to stay and play on the hill with the others.

Music Class

We are having a lot of fun in music class lately. This week we learned the song called Fly Me to the Moon. Fly Me to the Moon is a very romantic song. My favorite line in the song is “let me play among the stars.” On our recorders we learned how to play a high C note. We also did a round with Make New Friends and HeyHo.

6/7/8s Made Us Homemade Bread and Butter

This week Emma and Rebbeca brought us bread that they made in class. The bread was about a foot long. It was tasty, soft and warm. They gave us a knife and a cutting board. They also gave us some butter that they made themselves. We ate the bread during lunch time and we really loved it! We liked it so much that we baked two loaves of banana bread and gave one to them to say thanks.

Our Ice Age Projects

This week we are doing a new science project. We are recreatinging a scene of the La Brea Tar Pits. We learned about them in our book, Sabertooth Cats and the Ice Age. On Monday we made drawings of Ice Age animals getting stuck in the tar pits. On Wednesday we made tar. Then Mario gave us each a prehistoric creature to put in the tar. Next week we are going to continue working on our project. We are going to build a model that will display the creatures falling into the tar pits, where they were preserved for over 30,000 years.

Chinese Last Names

In Madarin, we talked about the 10 most popular Chinese family names in world. Everyone got to choose their own name and practice writing the character with a brush and black paint.


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