The 8/9s Update – March 24, 2017

Hey gang, did you hear? Sami had her baby!!! Elliot is absolutely adorable and we cannot wait to meet him.

Also, we want wish Jae a very special happy birthday!

Check out some of the cool things we did this week…

Our New Friend Finn & Ice Age Projects – Will

This week we had a visitor. His name is Finn. He is from Charleston, South Carolina but he was born in California. Now, he is thinking about moving to Vermont and coming to our school. I think he liked our school. Outside he had fun playing on the snow mound. He also told us he loved to play basketball and soccer. One time he even took Tai Kwan Do!


Mandarin Class & Langauge Arts – Cian

This week in Mandain, Mario played us a Chinese song. The song is about a guy who says he wants dumplings, but the other guy thinks he wants to go to sleep. The singer in the video says sorry, my Chinese is not very good. And by the end of the song, his Chinese improves. After writing the chorus down on the board we practiced singing the song together. The name of the song is Dui Bu Qi, which means “I am sorry” in Chinese.

Language Arts & Makers Town Meeting – Matthew

This week we got new Language Arts workbooks. On the cover there is a picture of the Statue of Liberty and a volcano with smoke coming out. Today we learned about common nouns and proper nouns. The book looks like fun and it will help us work on our punctuation and grammar.

Outside Skills & A New Friend – Kelley

This week we had skills with Dan. We split up in to two groups and built snowmen. One team built snowman with a neck warmer, a hat and gloves. Another team built a family of snowmen. We built the snowmen to work as a team. After the we built the snowmen, we checked them out and every told a part the built. We broke the snowmen apart and started eating them.

Ice Age Project & Outside Skills – Eden

This week we started a new Ice Age project. We are making an ice age scene of the La Brea Tar Pits. We used cardboard to make animals, caves and cliffs. We also used plants and twigs to look like real trees. The, we found pieces of asphalt to like rocks. Next week we are going to use the scene to make mini-movies of the La Brea Tar Pits.








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