4/5s News~Weeks of 3/13 & 3/20

These past two weeks, I have switched things up a bit during Work Time.  When the children come to school in the morning, they are free to choose among the activities that are set up. Once everyone has arrived we gather briefly in the Meeting Room to hear about some additional activities, who they will play with/alongside, and where they will start for the first 10 minutes.

I’ve noticed some great things happen when we do this.  Children try activities they might not choose on their own and they play with peers they might not typically, leading to new ideas for dramatic play, block play, and other collaborations.

In the block area, one of the challenges I gave the children was to build a structure out of 10 blocks.  Here is what they came up with:


On Friday, March 17th, the 5/6s celebrated Pi Day and invited us to join in their bounty with our 6/7/8 Reading Buddies.

After our most recent snowfall we had some BIG snow to play in:

And we mixed things up a little by making “Snow Graffiti” with squirt bottles and spray bottles filled with colored water.  Check out their art!

This week at Town Meeting, we hosted our 2nd Maker Meeting: Block Building.  The 4/5s, 5/6s, 6/7/8s, and 8/9s were split up into 5 groups.  Two groups worked in the 4/5s classroom, two worked in the 5/6s classroom, and one worked upstairs in the 6/7/8s Green Room.  Each group had a different challenge.  Here are some photos capturing the work in progress as well as some final structures:

This was such a rewarding experience for all involved that we have decided to have more Block Building Town Meetings!

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