Week of March 20th, 2017

“Dear Families,

We made dioramas. Bella’s animal is a grey fox. Colby is a red fox. Knox is a garter snake. Addy is the barn owl. Zooey is a snowshoe hare. Rebecca is a cotton tail bunny. Addis is a raccoon. Emma is a flying squirrel. Thome is a black bear. How we made it was we got a box and we cut a slit in the bottom and made puppets and put it in between the slit and then we got rocks and stuff like that and put it in the box and then it’s your own habitat. Somebody pulled the fire alarm but we don’t know who that might be. We had to go outside. Then the fire chief came. Then he checked the building and then we went back in. Addy and her Dad, Mike, brought in a coopers hawk on Monday to share with her class mates. They saw a coopers hawk chasing a red tailed hawk. The red tailed hawk killed the coopers hawk and Addy and her dad found the coopers hawk on the ground with it’s head cut off. She thought the coopers hawk was cool. Knox and Colby did woodworking. They used a saw. We had a maker meeting with blocks on Wednesday at Town Meeting. Rebecca made a house and there was a skate park and a chocolate factory and it came to the airport and it went to the house and she worked with Addy, Collin, Kelley and Tilia and Inza. On Thursday a kid named Finn came to visit to see if he wanted to go to this school. He was really nice but Zooey tried to chase him at outside time but he said, “I want to see how this turns out.” Addis lost a tooth on Friday in the 4/5s because his tooth was wiggly. Alley made an envelope to put the tooth in. Addis and Emily went downstairs to put the tooth in. And then tooth fairy will come and give him something in return. Addy’s tooth was hurting so she went to the dentist in the middle of school and she got an x-ray! She got gum because it helps her teeth. This happened on Friday the 24th. Emma has been finger weaving for a long time. Emma has been finger weaving for almost the whole year. She stopped because it started to break but we fixed it. Emma is done with her finger weaving. Emma and her class want to measure the finger weaving. It is pretty long and it was also fun to make. We went to Equinox and were death explorers. We noticed a lot of dead things in the forest at Equinox that we hadn’t seen before. We learned about decomposers and the F.B.I. We played decomposer tag.
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Knox, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

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