Week of March 27th, 2017

“Dear Families,

We learned a new song in class it is called “Nicolia”. It is about a girl in a factory. And she wants to live on a boat. We learned this song a few days ago. We talked about standing up for the life you want and what it means for people to organize and come together. The song also has a harmony so you have one big group and you split them in half, the first group sings “O-harbor won’t you harbor me?” and the second group sings “harbor me, harbor me!” Here are the words…

“If Nicolia had a boat
And Nicolia made it her home
If Nicolia sang a song
She would sing O-Harbor me!

Verse 1
Nicolia girl worked inside a factory
She never saw the sun
Never felt the summer sea
She dreamed one day she’d meet a prince
But she’s been real disappointed since

Nicolia girl got a big idea somehow
And she’s sailing, sailing now

Verse 2
Nicolia girl found a book called “Organize!”
And she understood all the words to her suprise
So with an old sail and a novice crew
She’s made great big waves on the ocean blue


Verse 3
Nicolia girl sings her favorite working song
To let the people know that it’s time to move along
Small boats on a mighty sea
Small girls in a factory


Now Nicolia has a boat
And Nicolia has made it her home
And Nicolia sings a song
And she sings O-Harbor me!

O-won’t you harbor me?
Harbor me, harbor me”

Knox brought in yummy sap and syrup for share. We got to drink both the sap and the syrup. It was a sign of spring. We talked about boiling and water evaporation. We noticed that the sap was clear and watery and the syrup was dark and sugary. We learned that you need 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup! And we talked about why you can only make sap in the spring. We read a book called sugar on snow. We sewed bean bags in fiber arts and we had to sew the bean bags three times so we could throw them at outside time. It was fun and Thome’s bean bag never got a stuck in a tree (like some other people’s). Zooey and Mario and the 8/9s played soccer but it only lasted a couple of minutes and it happened at outside time. It was uneven so Mario joined the team so it was even! Zooey said thanks and Mario said “you’re welcome” and they played unit she had to go inside. Zooey went inside because we had to make the library a museum for a potluck. It was on Thursday. It was so fun! We finished our dioramas and had a potluck dinner and at the the potluck dinner we showed our books and dioramas to our parents and the next day we showed the 5/6s and the 4/5s. It was fun. It was the 6/7/8s potluck. Rebecca wrote about the eastern cottontail. This is the story, “Baby bunnies are cute but when they are eastern cottontails they are cuter. An eastern cottontail is very cute. The color of an eastern cottontail is brown and fuzzy and cute.” After the potluck Zooey’s dad played soccer with us and there’s more. We had a delicious dinner and dessert. We had a big pie and little ones and lots of pasta and apple juice and seltzer and grownup drinks like wine and beer. Alley and Zooey’s mom and dad were there and all of her friends too and their parents were there. Zooey would like to keep writing this story but it’s the the end of the day and Alley says to stop (sorry Zooey keep writing at home!). Addy was the first one at school so she got to make the schedule on Friday for our class. She put have-to things on the schedule. The funnest thing about the schedule is that she put outside time twice on the schedule. The Downtown school has early dismissal because of the snow and ice on Friday so the 6/7/8s did not go on a field trip. Addis is going to go home to eat something, play outside and then maybe watch T.V.
The 6/7/8s
(Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Knox, Thome, Zooey and Rebecca)

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