4/5s News~Week of 3/27



Our trip to the Souther Vermont Arts Center was a huge success!

Sam greeted us at the museum doors, gave each interested child a clipboard, and led us on an exciting scavenger hunt.

We pointed out pets we’d like to have,

our mouths drooled at the sight of all this candy,

and we played some tunes on the piano.

After all of our hard work,

we needed a little rest.

They couldn’t wait to get into our gallery…

Goodbye Southern Vermont Arts Center.  Until next time…

When we got back to school, we enjoyed A LOT of outside fun.  Making pulleys,

playing stick golf,

and making a bird’s nest.

Inside the classroom we did a lot of building with wood pieces.  We built structures for animals,

a “T,”

a little sun and big sun,

as well as Little Robot.

Here’s to another great week in the 4/5s!

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