The 8/9s Update – March 31, 2017

Hello families!

The 8/9s have been extremely productive lately! We have been working hard on an exciting new project in science and social studies. In math, we are learning to compare time settings on a digital and analog clocks. We are very close to finishing our chapter book, Hatchet by Gary Paulson.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg!

Here are a few of our favorite things we did this week…

Kelley –
This week we made tar for our mini-movie. How you make it is you just get corn starch, water, and food dye. First you put the cornstarch in, then you pour the water in and then the food dye. Then after we made it we put it on the movie scene that we made. On purpose we left out two boxes of corn starch so that after Mario was going to sprinkle cornstarch to make it look like snow. It was a lot of fun.

Cian –
This week in skills we did this team-building exercise to learn how to work as a team and listen. Dan had a pine cone and you had to pass it back, but the thing is that you had to pass it backward to the person behind you and then the last person has to drop it and there will be more items coming. When you are out of items, Dan would get items like sticks and pine cones and ferns.

Matthew –
This week Rebecca and Gabriel brought a series of Kung Pow Chicken books. Unfortunately it’s not the food Kung Pow Chicken. It’s about these two chicken, one named Gordon and the other named Benny and their code names are Kung Pow Chicken and Egg Drop. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet but this was the last thing left to write about. I feel happy when we get new books.

Eden –this week, Mario brought in games, which were ping pong, and nerf football on an air hockey table. The ping pong paddles are small and the net is hard to use so it doesn’t work that well, but Mario is bringing in better accessories and paddles. Nerf football is an organge football the says Nerf that you hold and then flick into a goal post. The ping pong is very frustrating because usually it doesn’t work very well because of the small paddles. I like the Nerf even though it is hard to score.

Jae –
On Jae’s birthday we had bagels and Capri Suns and there were everything bagels with Veggie Cream Sheese. We watched a rap video of a turtle and a hippo singing happy birthday. Jae wanted two Capri Suns and Mario let him because it was his birthday. Everybody enjoyed eating the bagels.

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