Week of April 3rd

“Dear Families,
We started a compost pile. It is next to the garden. First we wrote letters explaining why we should compost to each class, we gave them a bucket that explained what can go in and drew a picture of how you compost. It is Addy’s week to go to every classroom and collect their buckets and bring them to the compost pile. We can not put any meat in the compost pile because that would bring animals. We started a compost pile because we wanted the food to go through the whole cycle. We spent a lot of time talking about open and closed cycles and how death is part of the life cycle. We wrote poems about the compost cycle which you can see below. We had free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s. It was freezing but fun. Bella got cookie dough it was really tasty. It was pouring rain. We had snow pants on and gloves and jackets. It was super cold brrr! We had to go up the mountain right next to a cemetery. It was also raining.. It was very uncomfortable. It is like you say, “conetastic!”, okay that’s not a word. Rebecca was a very cute ice cream monster at free cone day. Knox and Colby mopped the whole school because we made a mess from wet felting. On Thursday the 6/7/8s did not have school because we had parent teacher conferences so that our parents and teachers could talk and see our work. So, Rebecca stayed at home and was playing with her toys. Addis read books and built with legos with Hazel and Ruby. Addy and her dad, Mike, caught a ground hog in a cage. They brought the groundhog to Sunderland. They let the groundhog out but she did not want to go out of the cage. Addy thought she was cute. Colby and Knox sawed a Ford truck it is a F350 Rowers truck. Colby likes trucks and this one had strobe light. The truck was in the parking lot at the school. We started laps again today (Friday) and we did 5 laps! We started laps again because it is warm and it is a good movement break.
That’s it!
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Knox, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey)

(This was taken from journal entries and group discussions)

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