4/5s News~Week of 4/3

With all the snow, rain, and general wetness, there haven’t been too many opportunities to play with the big blocks.  The 4/5s certainly enjoyed building, creating and playing this week.

Ice Cream For Sale:

Notice the symmetry in that space ship, the steps up to the top, and the height from which they are jumping!

Other outside fun included pretending to be fierce lions

and revisiting a game we learned last fall, “Sharks & Minnows.”  The children were much more willing to follow all the rules of the game and turn into seaweed when they got tagged by a shark.

Free Cone Day

Waiting until the very end of the day before revealing and reveling in the “surprise treat” was a wise decision as they were FULL of energy and excitement!

Other inside fun included pegboards,

cuisennaire rods,

Legos (a popular choice every afternoon)

marble run,

books with friends,

and exercises with Mrs. Penge.

The Downtown School was treated to a private concert by the Taconic Music Players at the Manchester Community Library on Wednesday.  The quartet of violins, viola, and cello were joined by a percussionist at they performed music from North & South America.  A real treat enjoyed by all!

And to end the week…Reading Buddies.


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