The 8/9s Update – April 7, 2017

Hi families!

Cloning the Mammoth

This week in science Mario showed us a video about the woolly mammoth. Then we wrote opinion paragraphs about cloning or not cloning the woolly mammoths. Most people did not agree with cloning mammoths. Some people did agree with it. We finished our rough drafts. Today we are going to publish our final copies.

Our chapter book, Hatchet

This week in Hatchet, Brian went hunting for a bird. His regular bow didn’t work, because the arrows didn’t have flights or feathers on the end. He tried with his old bow, but it didn’t work. So he tried using his spear. Eventually he got close enough with the spear to catch a bird. In the end, he made his first catch of meat.

The Taconic Chamber Players

This week our whole school walked to the library to watch the Taconic Chamber Players. The songs they played came from North and South America. In one of the songs there was a beat of five that we clapped along to. They used a viola, a violin, a bass cello, drums, a doom beck, a tambourine, a gord, and a marimba. Everyone enjoyed the performance and we would like to see them again.

Free Cone Day

On Tuesday the 8/9s went to Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop in Manchester. Free cone day is a day where Ben & Jerry’s gives out free ice cream and cones. The whole town lines up to get free ice cream. Two of us got the flavor called Tonight Dough. Others got Salted Caramel, Mint Chip, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It tasted great, especially the Tonight Dough!

Music Class

In music this week, Jared brought his bass recorder. It looked like an enormous black and white saxophone. It sounded like a saprano recorder, but with a deeper tone. We sang songs and played along with his bass recorder. Next time, Jared said he would bring the entire family of recorders: the saprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

Mandarin Class

In Mandarin this week, we sang a song and practiced writing Chinese characters. The song was called Dui Bu Qi, which means I’m sorry. The song is kind of funny because the words say, “I’m sorry my Chinese is not very good. I just want to be friends.” At the end of the song, we say “My Chinese has improved and I still want to be your friend.” After we did our new song, we practiced writing Chinese characters about how to ask our Chinese names.
















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