The 8/9s Update – April 14, 2017

Hey families,

Happy Spring Break! We had an amazing week. Only a few of us were here on Friday for Newsletter, but we are still excited to share a few of the exciting things we did this week!

Our Ice Age Mini Movies

This week in science we made a new batch of tar for our Ice Age scene. We poured the tar all over the animals and the scene, just like the La Brea Tar Pits. Then we photographed our work and took videos on our iPads.

Brendan’s Flying Squirrel

On Friday Cian and Kelley’s brother, Brendan, brought in his flying squirrel for us to see. The squirrel had really big eyes so he can see at night, because he is nocturnal. The flying squirrel is very attached to Brendan because he is like a father to him who has raised him for the past six months. The squirrel eats oranges, apples, vegetables and walnuts. We also talked about a flying squirrel’s habitat, life span, and predation. Brendan’s flying squirrel is named Barron, just like the Red Barron.

That’s Brendan and his flying squirrel, Barron!

Our Field Trip to WEQX Studio

This week on Monday we went on a field trip to a radio station called WEQX in Manchester, Vermont. In their studio we learned how they record music. Then we recorded our voices. Everybody used the microphone and we said our names. Also, when we were there we saw a band called “Sundara Karma” perform three songs. It was so loud. They recorded the songs and played them on the radio that same day. It was awesome.

Music Class on the Lawn

On Tuesday we had music outside with Jared. We sat on big blocks in a circle and sang songs. Then we went under the purgella and played our recorders. It felt good to be outside because it was a sweating hot day.

Kickball during Outside Time

On Thursday we played kickball. Kickball is kind of like baseball in that there are bases, but it is a lot less complicated. Everyone got a chance to kick and pitch. It was a really warm and sunny day. So it was really fun and we want to do it again!

Mandarin Class

On Monday we had Mandarin. We practiced drawing two Chinese characters, bird and spring. Then we read new a poem called “Spring Morning”.We had the class in the blacksmith shop. At the end of class we sang the song Dui Bu Qi, which means I’m sorry. I would give that class ten stars!




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