Week of April 24th, 2017

“Dear Families,

At Rebecca’s house she saw salamanders. It was yellow salamanders and she brung them in to school. We brung them to the pond. We put them in leaves and said, “bye, bye.”. We had to think about what spot would best meet their needs and we didn’t want them to get eaten by the Canadian geese. Rebecca brought her violin in for share. She played a song for us. She is very talented. She brought in on Wednesday and Thursday. She also played the violin at outside time. Addis, Emma C and Rebecca are starting a Downtown School band in music. Knox came back from Belize on Thursday. He went there for break. He brought back a fancy top that spins. We built a fairy house and Bella made one with Rebecca and we shared about it. And how we built it was we put sticks against a rock and put moss over the sticks and put a pine cone beside it. Addy and Emma started lacrosse lessons (for other kids) on Wednesday at school and it was fun. We brought in lacrosse sticks and balls. The 8/9s were fighting about who would take lessons first and then the 6/7/8s had a turn on Monday it will be the 5/6s turn. We went to Colby’s grandpa’s land on Friday. We found ramps and ate popcorn. There were views of Equinox. We found salamander eggs, salamanders, fiddlehead ferns, trout lilies and trilliums. Lucy (the dog) got porcupine quills in her face so we turned around and Sarah pulled them out. We made popcorn in Colby’s grandpa’s house and he has a lot of hats! The water was so clear there! It was so fun! On the way home we stopped because there was a turtle in the road. Thanks Sarah and Bumpa for giving us a new adventure!
Bye Parents!
The 6/7/8s

(Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey)

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