4/5s News~Week of 4/24

This was a week full of exploring new materials, working with different partners, and worms!

Brittany let us borrow her “Twig” blocks and the children relished the opportunity to see how they could stack the blocks,

fit one block inside another,

and see how the blocks could connect.

By combining marble run pieces in various arrangements,

the children experimented with the path their marble would take,

and the circular motion the marbles made as they traveled down the funnel.

Lincoln Logs were another novel material.  These proud girls figured out how to connect the notches of the logs,

make tall structures,

and use the logs as a space for people and animals to create a setting for a pretend play scenario.

Partners painted together at the easel,

filled jugs with sand to create heavy “weights” for us to move around when our bodies need to do that kind of work,

and make marble run creations.

When we uncovered the sandbox for the first time this Spring, we discovered LOTS of worms!

Some children were eager to pick them up,

while others were excited to find them, but wanted a little more distance at examining them.

We decided they would be happier in the garden so we moved them.

The next day we went to check our worms and noticed that some of them hadn’t moved.  Some wondered if they were sleeping, while others questioned if they were dead, and one child proposed that they were just sunburned.  That’s when the care taking began!

Here are some other great shots from the week:

Fun with friends spinning in circles on the tire swing,

strengthening our bodies by doing tricks on the bars at the Rec Park,

developing our sense of design by creating a wood piece mutant,


enjoying a pretend bus ride into town with pals,

digging down to the bottom of the sandbox,

working on hand-eye coordination and strategies for putting together a puzzle,

and wondering, “Is this mint?”

Here’s to another great week!



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