The 8/9s Update – May 5, 2017

Hi families,

Reading Hatchet by the River

This week we read the last chapter of Hatchet at the river. We also went to the Haunted forest at the rec park. In Hatchet Brian found his surval pack with a lot of food. Then he decided to have a feast. But then someone picked him up in a water plane. It was a lot of fun and I would like to go back there to read the epilogue.

Spring Poem in Mandarin

This week in Mandarin we learned a poem about spring, birds and thunderstorms. It is really cool. We practiced saying the poem and wrote it in our Mandarin notebooks.

Makers Town Meeting

This week the 8/9s had a Markers Town Meeting. In our meeting we did collaborative drawings. Each group had to do their own drawing together. They got to choose from sports, dream home, candy kingdom, animal habitats, and space.

Relay Races in Skills

This week in skills we did relay Races with Dan. One of the relay Races was you had to hold a ball in the palm of your hand and run through cones. Another relay race was using golf ball and a golf tee. At the end we had a running relay race. I thought it was a fun skills class. It was all based on balance.

Making Sun Catchers in Art

This week in art we made sun catchers. First we had to water color three coffee filters:  one light, one medium, and one dark. Next we cut the light tip off a little bit, the dark one off a lot a bit. Then we cut the two pices of black paper into round rings. Last we put the two rings together to make a sun catcher.

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