4/5s News~Week of 5/1

The drippy, dreary weather didn’t stop us this week!  The children traversed the climbing structure, scaled the dome,

worked in the garden,

and problem solved how to create a roof to make a hiding spot in the big blocks.

Also this week, some 4/5s checked out a classic children’s game, “Hi! Ho! Cherry-O!” involving spinning a spinner (a tricky fine motor task), identifying numbers, and picking cherries from a cherry tree (another challenging fine motor task).

These girls played a “Get Moving” matching/memory game,

stamps were stamped,

and science tools were put to good use.

Mobilo connecting pieces were a big hit!

Here is a “transport…”

“…that can turn into a double decker…”

“…and it can have a jet booster.”

Here is a “dragon fire truck” with wings:

Check out this transforming creature…


…that eventually becomes a “horned scorpion type of dragon that breathes poisonous stuff.”

This week’s Town Meeting ended with a Collaborative Drawing activity.  Children from all classrooms were divided into 5 groups and chose among the suggested topics of “Candy Castle,” Dream Home,” “Animal Habitats,” and a few other possibilities as the theme for their group drawing.  The older children supported the 4/5s who jumped right in!  Here are the works in progress, which will soon be displayed in the mudroom.

Here’s to another great week in the 4/5s classroom!

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