8/9s Update – May 12, 2017

Hi families!

This week we did Math in the garden. We were measuring the perimeter of the garden. Then we choose three garden beds to measure. Some of us used garden stakes to measure. Most of the garden stakes were five feet long. After math, we had lunch in the garden. It was awesome!

Math in the Garden

Basketball in the Park

On Thursday we went to the Rec Park and played basketball. We played full court and the basketball nets were really tall. The teams were Matthew, Will and Cian vs. Kelley, Jay, and Eden. We tied and then we did shoot outs. The game was phenomenal and we had lots of fun!

Sprinting in Skills

This week in Skills we practicing our sprinting form  our sprinting form was hands straight, no fists, pocket to shoulder. Dan also taught us to run with our chests straight instead of hunched over because you want to send all your energy to your legs. With our new running skills, we had a race to push eachother. This helped us run faster when we are trying to beat the other runner.

Animal Research in Science

Spring Poem Mandarin

This week in Mandarin we practice our poem. We are going to perform the poem at Town Meeting next week. The first few lines were easy for some people. But the last line was challenging. Our homework is to memorize the poem by Monday. Both classes are going say the poem together at Town Meeting on Wednesday.

Corn Hole at Work Time

During work time we played a game called corn hole. We used white and red bandanas to show what team we were on. Each player gets four bean bags. If you throw the bean bag in the wood, you get one point. If you get it touching the red line, you get two points. If you get it in the basket, you get three points. I can’t wait to play it next time!


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