Week of May 8th, 2017

“Dear Families,

Emma, Addis, Thome and Bella were sick with the flute. (Flute is funny for flu). Emma was sick for three and a half days. Addis was sick for 4 days. Thome was sick for three days. Bella was sick for one day. Addis and Bella are still sick. On Monday Emma got the flute. Oh, in our class we say flute instead of flu. Emma has been sick for 3 and a half days. She slept a lot. She really missed her class. (We missed her too!) We are organizing a clean up day for Equinox on JUNE 9th to help Equinox. We are going to write to the radio station, the newspaper, Rick and the town select board. Zooey, Addy and Rebecca also wrote to Donald Trump. They told him about our event. Rebecca said, “you are connected to this earth so you should care about it.” We just started this project and we have more work to do. We are doing some thinking about what earth change makers do. On Thursday we had reader’s theater. This is the story…”The Great Rain. It was very strange weather. Purple and black clouds raced and tumbled across the sky. They hid the sun. They hid the mountain tops inside the clouds..”Cliffhanger!! It was a very good play. Rebecca was the narrator. Zooey was Nokomis, the earth spirit. Addy was the Thunderbird. On Friday we had a fire drill at school to practice if there was a fire. We went outside to be safe. We went to the haunted forest on Friday with the 5/6s and 4/5s for a field trip. It was great to bring the 4/5s with us and show them our spots.
Bye! Bye!
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey”

Due to technical issues there are no photos from this week. If you would like some I would be happy to e-mail you some.

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