4/5s News~Weeks of 5/8 & 5/15

We’ve been taking advantage of all good weather days and having lots of picnic lunches and extra outside time. Hooray!

Several of the children enjoyed helping to make guacamole for the Family Potluck.  While some were turned off by the texture and/or color of the avocados, they had fun overall, especially chopping up the avocados into bits.

At Maker Town Meeting this week, the children were split up into their groups and built Fairy Houses and Forts.  Each group had their own building location and came up with a wide variety of designs.  Check it out:

Other inside and outside fun:

Mobilo vehicles and creations with real purpose and function:

Pattern Block Play:

Hangman–4/5s style:

Rolling a Big Block:

A Visit to the Creek:

Next week is sure to bring some photos documenting our progress on our Little Free Library!


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