Week of May 15th, 2017

“Dear Families,

We had a maker meeting. Rebecca was the mayor and the maker meeting was fairy house and fort building. Rebecca was with Addy and Kelly and Inza and Tilia for her maker group. They worked at Spike’s grave. The other spots that kids worked were the pine trees, Thome Island, the 8/9 Apple Trees and under the stairs. We used nature to build. It was really fun. We did not have music this week because Jared was sick. Instead we had math and outside time on Tuesday and Thursday in the classroom. We found out (in math) that it would take 315 minutes to hike Equinox summit. It was hard to figure that out. We calculated that was 5 hours and 25 minutes. We will see on June 2nd if our math was correct! We did a play in reader’s theatre. The play was “How turtle lost her sandals”. We did the play in the blacksmith shop on Thursday. Addis was turtle. Colby was deer. Everyone else was narrators. Thome got sunscreen in his eyes at outside time and it hurt a lot for the whole day and he had to rest and it came out at the end of the day. We made food for the potluck. We made the food with the 5/6s. We made cookies. Rhubarb and sugar were some of the ingredients. We harvested the rhubarb from school. We learned that the leaves are poisonous but you can eat the stalks. On Thursday we read Wangdoodles again. We had to wait to read it until everyone had recovered from the flute. It is a book. At school Alley reads it to us. It is fun. They are trying to get to the wangdoodle. It is awesome! We went to Haystack and we got to the top! The path was up and down. We went on Friday. We left at 10 o’clock and it was crazy hot! It was also buggy. The view at the top was beautiful! Rebecca saw 7 Jack in the pulpits. We met a man who talked to us about Turkey Hunting. We noticed that it was rockier than Equinox and had more moss and lichen probably to help keep the rocks from falling down. It was a steep hike but we all did it! We could see Equinox from the top. Thome brought his rock hammer and we got to smash rocks. We had a potluck on Friday. It was for the community. The 6/7/8s made some food for the potluck. The food was called potato soup and rhubarb cookies. They tasted good but not the soup (it got spoiled in the heat) but the cookies were delicious.
Bye! Bye!
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

Sorry again for the lack of photos, the issue is actively being resolved! I am always happy to share photos with those who ask!

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