Week of May 22nd, 2017

“Dear Families,
On Wednesday we had a town meeting poetry recital. It was fun. It was fun, really fun. It was a big block stage that we built with the 8/9s on Tuesday. We had to tell a poem that picked out of a book. Zooey was first because she had “Invitation”. Thome was next he had “The Bear”. Colby was next he had “The Fox”. Next was Addy she had “John Henry, Nina and The Blue Hyena” it was the longest poem in the school. Emma was next she had “Gray Day.” Bella was after. Bella had “Come Skating” by Shel Silverstein. This is how Bella’s poem goes…

“Come Skating
They said “Come Skating”
They said it so nice
They said come skating
I’d done it twice
They said come skating
It sounded nice
I wore roller
They meant ice”

And that’s her poem. It is sort of like a joke at the end when it says “I wore roller, they meant ice”. Rebecca was next. She had “June the Strawberry Moon”.

“We feast all night
In the moon’s spotlight
Forgetting all our foes
Tramping on the berries that squish between our toes”

That was Rebecca’s poem. Addis went last. He had it “It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles”. We made letters to Donald Trump and the select board of Manchester and to the radio station and the Manchester journal and last but not least the parents for our Equinox cleanup on June 9th. After we were done with our letters everyone in the 7/8s except Addy (she chose to stay and play soccer) went to Rite Aid to mail the letters. We went at outside time. We also went to the bookstore and then we got M and M cookies. They were super yummy. Addis, Cian, Kelly, Will, Jae, Eden and Finn played soccer at outside time at school on Wednesday. We scored first because Cian kicked the ball over Kelly’s head into the goal. Then we led one-zero…and then the other team scored. Tie! One-one!! Mario did after school. We played Foosball and Ping-Ping and we drew pictures. It was so fun! It happened on Thursday. It happened in the yellow house! Little Emma, Gus, Thome, Zooey, Finn and Addy were there. On Friday Thome brought in chocolate cupcakes for school and we had them at snack and everyone had one. Some of my classmates saved theirs for lunch and my mom made them also for my brother’s class and my grandparent’s house for dessert. Thanks Jill and Thome. We went to Equinox. Jaaini came with us for the first time! We foraged for morel mushrooms and learned they like to grown near ash trees. We looked closely at different kinds of trees and noticed how small the differences between trees can be and how many different kinds of trees their are in the forest. There were so many jack in the pulpits! We also met a dog named Theo. We thought about everything we learned from Equinox this year. Addis said, “It’s hard to pick one thing because pretty much everything I know about nature comes from Equinox”. We have spent so much time learning at Equinox and seen so many changes through the seasons.
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

The photos are back!!!

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