4/5s News~Weeks of 5/30 & 6/5

Our trip to Dorset Equine Rescue two weeks ago was a big hit!  While we were still at school, we talked about how at the horses’ old homes, their humans did not treat them well and how we needed steady bodies and quiet voices to help them learn to trust people again.  In the barn we got to see a stall,

a chicken (the others were outside),

Benny & Clyde the goats,

and how could we forget the manure pile?!

On our walk to one side of the barn, we stood on the fence to see Luna, Orion, and Turtle in the distance.

On the other side of the barn we met Ferdi & Dixie.  We even got to feed them!

Next we had a chance to go in the riding rink, set up some jumps,

run some laps,

and scoop some poop!

Lastly, we got to groom Cookie Dough, the mini-horse, and take her for a walk.

A log was blocking our path so we used teamwork to clear the way!

Thank you Connie & Dorset Equine Rescue!

Back at school the children have been busy practicing writing letters with Magnet Boards,

making silly robots,

and cutting out shapes with paper punches.

In the garden we planted potatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, radishes, and sunflowers.

We roped off the growing areas so little feet don’t trample growing seedlings.

Big blocks have been used to build boats,

a step up into the apple trees,

and for King of the Mountain!

We’ve been gearing up for a relay race during Field Day,

and had an amazing time with the 5/6s, 6/7/8s, and 8/9s at the Equinox Preserve collecting trash to help keep it beautiful.

More amazing things await in our last week of the 2016/2017 school year at The Downtown School!


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