8/9s Update – June 9, 2017

On Friday,  the 8/9s experimented with the “speech to text” software on our iPads. Here are their newsletter entries that we produced with the program, Dragon Dictate. They have done so well writing about their experiences each week. We are proud to share them with you!

Getting Ready for Field Day

This week in skills we practiced for field day. First we did some relay races. Then we played games. In one game there are two sides with four teams. Then when Dan says go one side runs to the other side to tag the hands of everyone on the other side. Then you keep doing that until dances stop. Next week on field day, we will be ready for the relay races and games.

The Mass Extintcion of Ice Age Megabeasts

This week our class wrote paragraphs about the mass extinction of ice age megabeasts. The megabeast extinction was at the end of the Ice Age. It was when all the ice melted and there were little patches of ice left. The paragraphs were six sentences long. Our paragraphs included a topic sentence, two reasons, and two examples. We also we had to do a conclusion sentence.

The Short-faced Bear

This week we watched a video about the giant short faced bear. The short faced bear was over 6 feet tall on all fours. It was over 11 feet tall on its two back legs. We answered questions in our notebooks. The giant short faced bear was one of the last Ice Age Megabeasts to go extinct.

Opening Statements for Our News Report

This week we recorded opening statements about Hatchet. We also made art for the recording. There was a piece of art for each student to create. Will made a banner that said the Downtown School on it. Cian did a sign that said the 8/9s. Kelley did a picture of Harry Frog Studios and Matthew did the same. Everyone got to say a line about the book Hatchet for our final project.


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