4/5s News~Week of 5/22

Our trip to see some real-life heroes–Manchester Police Officers & Firefighters–was a huge success! Officer Matteson and his Lieutenant greeted us in the lobby for our tour of the Police Station.  We saw the dispatcher’s work space, an officer’s desk, and the books with all the laws. In the conference room, Officer Matteson showed us… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Weeks of 5/8 & 5/15

We’ve been taking advantage of all good weather days and having lots of picnic lunches and extra outside time. Hooray! Several of the children enjoyed helping to make guacamole for the Family Potluck.  While some were turned off by the texture and/or color of the avocados, they had fun overall, especially chopping up the avocados… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 5/1

The drippy, dreary weather didn’t stop us this week!  The children traversed the climbing structure, scaled the dome, worked in the garden, and problem solved how to create a roof to make a hiding spot in the big blocks. Also this week, some 4/5s checked out a classic children’s game, “Hi! Ho! Cherry-O!” involving spinning a spinner… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 4/24

This was a week full of exploring new materials, working with different partners, and worms! Brittany let us borrow her “Twig” blocks and the children relished the opportunity to see how they could stack the blocks, fit one block inside another, and see how the blocks could connect. By combining marble run pieces in various… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 4/3

With all the snow, rain, and general wetness, there haven’t been too many opportunities to play with the big blocks.  The 4/5s certainly enjoyed building, creating and playing this week. Ice Cream For Sale: Notice the symmetry in that space ship, the steps up to the top, and the height from which they are jumping!… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 3/27

    Our trip to the Souther Vermont Arts Center was a huge success! Sam greeted us at the museum doors, gave each interested child a clipboard, and led us on an exciting scavenger hunt. We pointed out pets we’d like to have, our mouths drooled at the sight of all this candy, and we… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Weeks of 3/13 & 3/20

These past two weeks, I have switched things up a bit during Work Time.  When the children come to school in the morning, they are free to choose among the activities that are set up. Once everyone has arrived we gather briefly in the Meeting Room to hear about some additional activities, who they will… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 3/6

I am often surprised when I look back at the week’s photos and discover that there is some sort of theme to the week.  For this week, the theme was “making, building, and design.” Knowing that we would be having a Maker Town Meeting to create marble runs, I set out a variety of recycled… Continue Reading

4/5s News~Week of 2/27

This was a first week back after break like no other!  Between germs, sickness, and huge changes in weather temperatures and conditions, we were all over the place.  Despite the challenges, we had a good week nonetheless. About a month ago, two love rocks (love-rocks.org)–or heart rocks as we call them–appeared in our classroom.  We wondered… Continue Reading

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