Week of May 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone- This weeks’ newsletter was written at the top of Mount Equinox!!

“Dear Families,

This week we had a 3 day weekend because of Memorial Day. On Tuesday Alley thought it was Monday so she made the schedule for Monday and then Addis said, “When is Music?” and Alley said, “What are you talking about it is Monday?”. “Alley no it is not, it’s Tuesday” said Addis. “Ooops!” Alley said. The end! Addis’ birthday was on Tuesday. He brought in strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and strawberries. His Dad, Jesse, came in and told us a story about Addis when he was born. He was born with hairy shoulders. Addis got a lego set, a trek bicycle and a whittling knife for his birthday. He used his legos for a club at his house. At school we made a birthday book for Addis. VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Project) came on Thursday and we made wind powered boats. But they were not on water. Laura from VEEP made a string line for the boats to go on and Thome’s boat took 4 seconds to go across. We thought as a group about what different engineering strategies worked the best and how the ones that worked the best were all a little different from one another. On Friday June 2nd, 2 weeks before school ends, we finally hiked to the top of Equinox! We were not driving we were hiking. It was three miles up. We noticed that the plants and trees and rocks changed as we got closer to the top. Jill and Sarah pointed out that the trillium at the bottom of the mountain was not flowering and it was flowering at the top of the mountain. We think this is because spring comes later to the top of the mountain because it is colder up there. One part of the trail was all rocks like stairs and there was water flowing from the rocks. At the top there were mostly just Spruce trees but at the bottom were all different kinds of trees. It was a long, tiring hike but it was a lot of fun. Really, really, really fun! We did math a while ago and our math said it would take 5 hours but Bella and Emma thought it was take 3 hours and when we got to the top Alley said it took us 3 hours so Emma and Bella were right in their math. It was longer than Hay Stack. It was awesome when we got there to the top. It was a good view. It was warm and then it rained so we all had to go put on our rain coats. Some of the kids in the class made up a song it goes like this…”All moms hiking up, all dads picking up”. The moms who were hiking up were Lucie, Maxine, Jill and Sarah. The dads that were picking up were James, Jesse and Mike. Thanks! Colby went to the balcony at the visitor’s center. It was cool because of the view. We figured out where our houses were from up at the top. We also wrote our newsletter in the visitor center.
Bye! Bye!
The 6/7/8s
Addis, Addy, Bella, Colby, Emma, Rebecca, Thome and Zooey”

Week of May 22nd, 2017

“Dear Families, On Wednesday we had a town meeting poetry recital. It was fun. It was fun, really fun. It was a big block stage that we built with the 8/9s on Tuesday. We had to tell a poem that picked out of a book. Zooey was first because she had “Invitation”. Thome was next… Continue Reading

Week of May 15th, 2017

“Dear Families, We had a maker meeting. Rebecca was the mayor and the maker meeting was fairy house and fort building. Rebecca was with Addy and Kelly and Inza and Tilia for her maker group. They worked at Spike’s grave. The other spots that kids worked were the pine trees, Thome Island, the 8/9 Apple… Continue Reading

Week of May 8th, 2017

“Dear Families, Emma, Addis, Thome and Bella were sick with the flute. (Flute is funny for flu). Emma was sick for three and a half days. Addis was sick for 4 days. Thome was sick for three days. Bella was sick for one day. Addis and Bella are still sick. On Monday Emma got the… Continue Reading

Week of May 1st, 2017

“Dear Families, Thome brought in an awesome share on Monday. He brought in a panda and a dog and a poster from the Climate March that said, “Keep the Black Bears” and a fish. Everybody loved it especially the panda and the dog. We also had a great discussion about marches and climate change and… Continue Reading

Week of April 3rd

“Dear Families, We started a compost pile. It is next to the garden. First we wrote letters explaining why we should compost to each class, we gave them a bucket that explained what can go in and drew a picture of how you compost. It is Addy’s week to go to every classroom and collect… Continue Reading

Week of March 13th, 2017

“Dear Families, We had a big snowstorm! Addis was snowed in on Wednesday because he couldn’t get out of his driveway. Then a bulldozer came and plowed their driveway so he could leave but he was already snowed in. There was a snow day on Tuesday so he was snowed in. Thome shoveled snow to… Continue Reading

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