consignment-saleWelcome to The Downtown School KIDS Consignment Sale. Our sale is a great way to buy high-quality children’s clothing, toys, and equipment at bargain prices, and a wonderful way to clear out all those outgrown and unneeded kids items from your home, make some money, help The Downtown School, and NOT have to spend your whole weekend having a tag sale in your driveway.

If you have already registered to consign, you can begin tagging here.
If you are a returning consignor who consigned with us at our last sale, you can re-register here.

Sale Date and Time: Saturday, June 10th 9:00am-1:00pm

Do you want to BUY? Great! Come to the sale on Saturday, June 10th from 9am-1pm.  We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard. Sign up for our Mailing List to get updates about the sale. We won’t spam you or share your email with anyone else.

Do you want to CONSIGN (sell your stuff)? That’s wonderful! Here’s how it works. You tag all your items at home, on your schedule, setting your own prices, using our web-based system to enter information about your items and print the tags. You sign up for a specific day and time to drop off your tagged items.
After the sale, you can either pick-up any items of yours that didn’t sell during the designated pick-up time, or pre-select to have those items donated to local charities. Then you get a check for 50% of the total for your items that did sell and 50% goes to The Downtown School.

If you are interested in donating all of your proceeds from your items that sell at the Consignment Sale to The Downtown School, please let us know at . We thank you in advance, and we will be happy to enter and tag your items.

Please read the detailed information below to get signed up as a consigner.

Please use the links and read the information below to get started. If you have any questions along the way, please email us at

What you can, and cannot, consign
Item entry and tagging
Drop off and Pick up

We’re so glad you’ve decided to consign at The Downtown School Kids Consignment Sale!
To get started, you’ll need to register, agree to the consigner agreement, and pay your $5 registration fee via Pay Pal (using your Pay Pal account or a major credit card).  The registration fee helps to cover a small piece of the expense of running the sale.
Once you’ve decided what to sell, you simply enter your item information and price using our online software, print your price tags, attach your tags to your items, and bring them to The Downtown School during one of the designated drop-off times.
After the sale, you receive a check for 50% of the sales price of your sold items. Your unsold items will either be available for you to pick-up at the designated pick-up time or will be donated, depending on your selection during registration.
Click here to register as a consigner.
If you are interested in donating all of your proceeds from your items that sell at the Consignment Sale to The Downtown School, please let us know at . We thank you in advance, and we will be happy to enter and tag your items.

Before you begin to enter and tag any items to consign, please read the information below.


You CAN consign most kid-related items. A few items cannot be consigned.

You CANNOT consign:

Crib bumpers
Car Seats or Boosters
Baby walkers with wheels
Anything with a monogram or child’s name on it
Bottle nipples (bottles are ok), pacifiers, or teething items
Breast pumps
VHS tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl records, 8-track tapes
Stuffed animals
Anything that is musty, moldy, smells of mildew, or is dirty or rusty

You CAN consign most kids’ items including clothes, toys, puzzles, books, DVD’s, and other kids and baby equipment. All items must be in excellent condition, with no missing pieces, broken parts, rips, or stains.

You are responsible for checking all items for recalls. No items that have been recalled can be consigned, even if you have received a “repair piece” or other recall repair from the manufacturer.

Items you CAN consign include:
Clothing– Newborn through Junior sizes. No holes or rips, no stains, no broken zippers or missing buttons. No significant signs of wear or fading. All clothing must be newly washed.
Shoes – Must be in excellent condition. Shoes that are significantly worn will not be accepted. Shoes must be held together in pairs. Wire ties or rubber bands work well for this.
Toys, games, and puzzles – Must have all pieces and no broken parts. Must be in original box. If an item needs batteries, it must have fresh working batteries so it can be tested.
Books – Must be in excellent condition with no missing, ripped, or written-on pages. Workbooks/coloring books must be 100% unused. Books can be combined together in gallon zip-lock bags to sell together as sets. Books must not smell musty or have any signs of mold or mildew.
Video games and video game systems.
Sports equipment, skates, skis, snowboards, ski/snowboard boots, skateboards, and sleds.
Highchairs, strollers, baby swings, outside toys, play tents, pack-and-plays – All items should look new or nearly new,  and free of any mold, mildew, dirt, or significant fading.
Bikes/riding toys – All bikes and riding toys must be free of rust, mildew, mold, and dirt and be in excellent working condition.
Crib sheets, children’s sheets, baby and child blankets and quilts, diaper bags – All washable items must be newly laundered.
Kids Dressers, bookshelves, armoires, and toy boxes – All toy boxes must have soft-close hinges.
Dress-up costumes & dance/gymnastics attire
Baby items such as bottles (no nipples), monitors, baby-proofing items, safety gates, mobiles, etc.
Kids/Family DVDs – must be in original case and have no scratches.
Pregnancy and child-development DVDs and books
Maternity clothing
Other Kids items not restricted above.
We will examine all items during drop-off, and will return all items to you that are unacceptable for sale for any reason.

Click here to register as a consignor.


You can begin item entry and tagging once you have registered to consign.

If you have already registered to consign, you can begin tagging here.

Please Note: As you enter each item, you’ll be asked to”check to donate”. “Donate” means you’d like your item donated at the end of the sale if it has not sold.
There is also an option to “mark all as donatable”.

If you would like to donate all of your sales to The Downtown School, please contact us at We thank you in advance, and we will be happy to enter and tag your items for you!

All your items must be tagged and dropped off by Wednesday, June 7th.  You must sign up for a drop-off appointment to drop-off your items. (See “Drop-off and Pick-up” below)
A computer or tablet with a printer and access to the internet are required to enter items and print tags. You create your tags by entering information about your item and its price using our web-based sales manager system, printing out the tags, and attaching the tags to your items. You can enter all your items and then print all your tags, or you can print your tags in groups as you go.

The minimum price for an item is $1. You can bundle like items together in a zip-lock bag (books, socks, bibs, etc) or with a safety pin or tagging gun barb to create an item with at least a $1 price. You can also combine a top/shirt and bottom/pants that are part of a set and pin them together on the hanger using safety pins.
Your tagging will go much quicker if you first separate your items into type (clothing, toys, books, etc.), then by gender, then by size.
Please tag your items at “tag sale” prices – generally no more than one-third of the retail price.
Print your tags on white or light-colored stock. Lightweight card stock works best, but thick, quality paper is also ok.

To tag clothing:

All clothing must be on hangers. The only exception are socks and other small items, which can be placed in zip-lock bags or safety-pinned together.
Face the hanger hook to the left (like a “?”) and place the tag on the right shoulder/upper right corner (as you are looking at the item).
For sets, be sure the top and bottom items are safety-pinned together.
Tags can be attached using a tagging gun (like the plastics tags that are attached to most clothing you buy in stores), or using small safety pins. Please do not tape tags to clothing or use straight pins. 
If using a tagging gun, the smaller barbs (1”-2”) tend to work better than longer ones. (Tagging guns can be purchased online for about $12 and are worth considering if you are tagging a large amount of clothing).

To tag non-clothing items:
Pin or tape the tag near the top, right of the item. Clear packing tape holds the tag on well. Do NOT tape over the barcode, even with clear tape.
Please group together small items such as socks, bottles, figurines, etc. in zip lock bags and pin or tape the tag on the outside of the bag.
If you have questions about how to tag an individual item, please bring the item and the printed tag with you to drop off and we will assist you.
If any of the information on the tag is incorrect, please correct it and print a new tag. Do not cross out or write over information on the tag.

You can begin item entry and tagging once you have registered to consign.
If you have already registered to consign, you can begin tagging.


Drop off is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. You must register for a drop-appointment as part of your consigner sign-up.

Please click here to schedule a drop-off appointment.

Your clothing MUST be sorted by size prior to drop-off.

Pick up for unsold items is directly after the sale at 1pm on Saturday, June 10th.  Items may also be picked up by pre-scheduled appointment through Saturday, June 17th. Any items not picked up by the conclusion of the scheduled pick-up time will be donated.

Once you have found your unsold items, a volunteer will double-check the consigner number on each tag. If an item does not have a tag, you may have to leave it until after all unsold items have been claimed.

Don’t forget to bring bags and/or containers to transport your unsold items.

As indicated in the Consigner Agreement, while we will do our best to monitor during the sale, The Downtown School is not responsible for any missing or damaged items.


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